Ateesha Sethia

Alter: 20
Studium: Anglistik und Amerikanistik (Bachelor)

I think that a University is place for holistic, rather than just academic development. It is a place to grow and network, to discover who we truly are and become the best possible versions of ourselves. A big part of that experience is having the freedom to be who we are and whoever we want to be. This is why I want to actively work with GRAS and make AAU a campus that allows us to further our interests and to grow together. A campus that allows no space for any judgement based on race, sexuality or gender but instead provides a platform to make new friends and develop new talents through clubs and societies. I want our University to be a community where we can engage in furthering our interests.

Studierende gestalten das CAMPUS mit

We will create clubs and societies for Photographers, Skiing clubs, Football, Tandem networks and what not. There are endless possibilities! We are surrounded by highly motivated and talented people just like ourselves and we must make full use of that. There will never be a better time in our life to meet like minded people and explore like now.